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Housekeepers maintain the sanitary conditions of resort rooms and public spaces by following procedures and protocol and taking pride in a job well done.

What you will do (includes but not limited to):

You will fondly greet each guest you come in contact with, answer questions and concerns with a smile, thank the guests for their patronage and invite back. You will clean/sanitize all bathroom surfaces and fixtures, replace bed linens/towels, dust and polish furniture surfaces, restock amenities, vacuum room including under tables, chairs, beds, wash windows, mirrors, remove any trash left behind by guests. Check drawers/closets for items left behind, process through lost and found for reunification with the owners. This position requires attention to speed, detail, and accuracy. Vacuum halls, stairways, remove trash, restock linen closets, clean public spaces, restrooms, banquet halls.

Qualities and characteristics of a resort Housekeeper include being friendly, efficient, energetic, and accurate.

Minimum requirements include the ability to speak and understand English and have a basic understanding of different cleaning solutions and how they are used.

Skills and abilities include having the ability to complete assignments with minimal supervision.

Minimum education requirement is a high school/GED or working towards that goal.

Minimum experience: Cleaning experience preferred but will train ideal candidate.

Physical elements:  Remain on feet for extended periods; lift and carry/transport heavy loads; push a cart safely around resort; move around objects/furniture; reach; bend; kneel; various chemicals/odors.


Expiration Date: May 28, 2022

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