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Massage Therapist


The peaceful, unobtrusive Spa Team achieve superior guest enjoyment by maintaining a calm, refreshing atmosphere.  Spa Team Members make everyone feel wanted and appreciated by extending a warm, quiet enthusiasm and excitement, and by wearing the ever present spa smile.

Massage Therapists perform therapeutic massage of tissue and joints to relieve discomfort and muscle tension and to provide relation for the guests of the resort. We are committed to nurturing our Spa Team’s talents by providing continuing development, providing access to webinars and team building activities.

What you will do (includes but not limited to):

As a resort Massage Therapist you will maintain a working knowledge of the spa menu, confer with guests to determine specific pains and problem areas, provide information for stretching and relaxation techniques.  You will display professional modesty while performing body scrubs, wraps and various modalities.  Our Spa Team always extends a cheerful greeting and projects a healthy image while treating guests in a considerate, professional manner. Uphold sterilization and sanitation standards of the state licensing board and resort.

Qualities and characteristics of a resort Massage Therapist include being friendly, tactful, punctual, and confidential.

Minimum knowledge requirements include all components of therapy: anatomy, physiology, body mechanics. Proficient in Swedish, deep tissue massage.


Skills and abilities: Must speak/understand English; work independently.


Minimum education requirements are New Hampshire Board Licensed; High School Diploma/GED


Minimum required experience:  Will train ideal candidate with required education.


Physical elements include standing for extended periods; extended periods of physical exertion; reach high/low areas; lift/carry heavy/bulky loads; various fumes/odors/chemicals.


Join our high-performance team, where Team Members personify service, innovation, and commitment to quality.




Expiration Date: May 30, 2021

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